iStunt 2

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Hit the Alps at full speed on a snowboard and pull off daring stunts scoring as many points as possible. Become the iStunt 2 legend.

Left/Right   Turn
Up   Jump
Down   Crouch
z/x   Tricks

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 37 times since 04.18.11
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3.33 Stars, 6 Votes

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u can get this off miniclip the website is miniclip.cpm everybody and so why not use both websites
#6 by Muttbum on 10.08.12
LOl its kool
#5 by FAMILYGUY on 07.30.11
i agree wif ozzy17 its ezy
#4 by Redgamer21 on 07.04.11
so fun
#3 by Jayjay126 on 06.06.11
ozzy SHUT UP!!
#2 by Alan0777 on 05.18.11
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