Its Raining Cats And Dogs

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It's Raining Cats and Dogs! - is a fun, easy to play 'bouncing' game. You control a skydiver who has to bounce off falling, floating and flying aliens to slow their descent. Bounce on CATS to release a bonus wave of creatures, but avoid the BATS and SPIKY ALIENS who will hurt you! Don't let the skydiver fall below the bottom of the screen.

Use the mouse to steer the skydiver left and right.
Press 'P' to pause.

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Submitted by Gimme5games
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Played 33 times since 04.12.10
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3.71 Stars, 7 Votes

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C'mon! Gotta love it! 5/5 favorite!
#6 by Mr-win-guy on 04.24.10
anna i love u so much
#5 by Murderl8r on 04.23.10
I suddenly want to sky dive with cats and dogs, and purple aliens.
#4 by Ryan_0705 on 04.23.10
its ok
#3 by Murderl8r on 04.22.10
yeah it's ok
#2 by Ryen17 on 04.21.10
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