Jack's Beach Blitz

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Special Agent Jackson Orange, disguised as a beach ball, must blast his way through multiple levels to rescue his girl friend. This maze-based shooter is inspired by the games Gauntlet and Wizard of Wor. Upgrade your weapon, collect candy and treats to replenish your limited ammo. Use various keys, transporters, and other power-ups to escape your vacation alive.

Arrows to move. Space to Fire. M To mute sound. P to Pause.

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Submitted by 8bitrocket
Sponsored by 8bitrocket.com
Played 180 times since 10.31.08
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3.82 Stars, 22 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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#6 by Smiley_angela123 on 03.14.09
love it
#5 by Zohaan on 12.28.08
nice game fun to play
#4 by WILDHOGG on 12.17.08
it's ok
#3 by Joey09 on 12.01.08
its pretty good.
#2 by Hattrik55 on 11.29.08
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