Jane's Hotel: Family Hero

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it was good
#55 by Water_lilly on 07.26.10
kool n fun
#54 by Sexy_ria on 01.09.10
I really like this game. It's fun and exciting!!! I will aret it 5/5 stars and favorite it... so there! LOL kidding about the "so there" bit.
#53 by Blackgal on 12.30.09
i love this game
#52 by Djcooper on 08.19.09
It's okay
#51 by KeriGameHilson on 07.23.09
#50 by Princess302 on 07.16.09
pretty good.
#49 by Nobodybutme on 07.14.09
#48 by Bury-Your-Dead on 06.30.09
1 word. Weird
#47 by Macodo on 06.28.09
game is pretty good...guests are spoiled >..>
#46 by Animegirlone on 06.26.09
the game is ok
#45 by Princess_jasmine on 06.16.09
It's fun. The guests are pushy but it's fun.
#44 by Zelda on 06.15.09
that game is soo guy i hate it lol
#43 by Kaitlyn on 06.01.09
i like it!
#42 by Fabulousandcheap on 05.25.09
I love this game! 5/5
#41 by Christmas-babe on 05.15.09
this game is cool
#40 by Jaclynramos on 05.10.09
i got stuck at level 9 but i still like this game
#39 by Salliedx on 05.01.09
fine game it's fun
#38 by Princesspunk on 05.01.09
I like this game. It is very fun, but you really have to concentrate!
#37 by ShadowQueen_001 on 04.29.09
like i said before i like this game
#36 by ProfessionalGurl on 04.11.09
i like this game it gets increasingly difficult
#35 by ChocoTeer360 on 04.10.09
cool =)
#34 by Ma4e on 04.01.09
This game ROCK....but my eyes and fingers hurt from playing it.....AH!
#33 by Gamefan_1 on 03.29.09
i luv and like this game!!!!!!!!
#32 by ProfessionalGurl on 03.27.09
i like it
#31 by Abby_1992_1992 on 03.27.09
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