Jewel Thief World Tour

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Can you make it as an International Jewel Thief? Our intrepid Jewel Thief hits the road in this World Tour edition of the popular classic. All new powerups, jewels, enemies and breathtaking new worlds to explore - but stay out of trouble or it's prison for you!

Use the mouse to guide your hand. Steal as many jewels as you can.

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Submitted by 3rdsense
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Played 24,358 times since 10.04.06
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4.16 Stars, 25 Votes

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#10 by Pennojos on 10.23.09
good game
#9 by Anubis666 on 08.06.08
This is good.
#8 by **DeepestBlue** on 05.28.08
nice game...ur like a theif...did not like the character
#7 by Blue_girl_gamer on 05.08.08
#6 by Blueswimmer on 05.05.08
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