Justin vs Zombies

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Discover Justin in this zombies smashing game. Just before a concert Justin go out of his lodge and then nothing is normal. Every fan of Justin has just changed and become Zombies.

ARROWS   Move Around
X   Fire
C   Sing

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Played 281 times since 03.07.11
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Game Rating
2.83 Stars, 18 Votes

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satanichapiness you didnt achieve good place at all .Without killing monsters you will not survive long . Nice ūth place lollol
#9 by Laintai on 11.28.12
#8 by Satanichappiness on 10.29.12
I killed many of those monsters and i got 1 place
#7 by Laintai on 09.29.12
cool but weird
#6 by Ginamilla2389 on 04.28.12
I didnt even do anything and just let him die and i still got a medal for it.Lol
#5 by Scaper111 on 12.30.11

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