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A mighty warrior of the hills well known as Khronos. Protecting against any evil who may harm his people. Heavilly outnumbered Khronos died on the battle fields and got dragged into hell. Now Khronos is stuck fighting the evil army of Sish for eternity, cutting demons to shreds, ripping limbs from these monsters just to live another day.

WASD   Move Around
K   Attack
L   Special

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Played 1,157 times since 10.24.08
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4.10 Stars, 61 Votes

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its fun
#37 by Dhomes12 on 09.18.10
Dis is ultra awsome
#36 by Bow_down_to_me66 on 06.01.10
awsome hard cool and original
#35 by Perro on 04.25.10
i like it
#34 by Jhay on 10.08.09
#33 by Shane117 on 07.13.09
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