Kickup Football

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Getting it up is easy. Keeping it up is the tricky part. But enough about that... The pastime which has enthralled generations of self-proclaimed football show-offs finally comes to doof. Simply keep the ball off the ground from kick-off and try and rack up as many taps as you can to gain the most points! The showing off part comes in when you can prove that you can keep it up the longest!

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Submitted by Doofhq
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Played 345 times since 10.30.08
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#13 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
Hard I just can't get the hang of it. Oh well if you get the hang of it you will like it. 4/5
#12 by Uchiha322 on 02.27.09
must we call this football
#11 by Oldshows572 on 12.30.08
it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring
#10 by Conzy on 12.22.08
#9 by Bonny_rox_hotter on 12.12.08
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