Kiss-Mat 2

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Put on your best pout!

Use Left Mouse click to Kiss and release left click to avoid being caught.

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Submitted by Games2win
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Played 21,165 times since 06.14.07
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3.61 Stars, 23 Votes

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its funny buts its ok but then gets boring so its a....a...idk
#12 by Shana14 on 08.30.09
this game is gross...but still i give it a 2/5
#11 by I_like_pie on 11.27.08
i love you !!! i mean that that game
#10 by Hottiegirl123 on 10.04.08
#9 by Nath-O on 09.30.08
#8 by Lilmo911 on 10.08.07
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