La Cucaracha

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Little roaches are invading the kitchen. You need to get rid of them using your mouse but mind La Cucaracha as she tries to protect her little ones; if she touches you, the game is over.

Move and click on the little roaches before the mama roach gets to your cursor.

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Played 8,968 times since 01.02.08
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3.95 Stars, 79 Votes

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Awesome game
#51 by Laintai on 09.30.12
I used to sing this song xD
#50 by PatnKat on 02.02.11
That guy in first didn't cheat it's pretty easy to get past 50 but kinda hard though you guys act like if he got 1000 if he did then he did cheat but it's only 50
#49 by AlexZapatax14 on 01.06.10
Yeah, he totally cheated >_<
#48 by Iyonn on 10.28.09
i think that guy in first hacked the game theres no way anyone has that kind of time to get that high
#47 by WillIchigo258 on 08.03.09

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