Ladybird Racing

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The Great Ladybird Racing Tournament is now open! Do you have what it takes to finish first and win the tournament?

Click to start running.
Use your mouse to set your running speed - aim at the right of the screen to go quick and the left of the screen to go slow.
If you go too fast you will lose energy and won't be able to see the obstacles.
Click the left mouse button to jump. Double mouse click will let you jump even higher.

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Submitted by Gg123
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Played 44 times since 10.05.10
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i like it sorta lol
#3 by Supersonicthehog on 02.12.11
lol V
#2 by PeaceOut on 12.11.10
1st to comment.. nice!
#1 by Pinkyforever on 10.20.10
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