Lemmings Returns

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Try to save as many Lemmings from committing suicide by drawing lines with your mouse device.

Use the mouse to draw and erase lines.

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
Sponsored by NewGrounds.com
Played 137 times since 11.01.11
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It's not the same because it is not the original, it is user created. The original you had to place bridges and stairs instead of drawing them. It was more strategic and funner that way.
#4 by Iceivan45 on 09.24.13
I can never win this game
#3 by Skipper1249 on 07.25.12
ehhhh....IDK abiut this game .I remember playing this game a while back N it was funner.I guess cuZ I was younger....but its not really as fun as I remembered.....
#2 by Fabian97 on 06.24.12
Not the best
#1 by Disire2kill on 03.09.12
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