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Type the hidden words as fast as you can.

Type the hidden words as fast as you can. Get the most points to win! Space to shuffle the letters, enter to submit each word.

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Submitted by Omgpop
Sponsored by OMGPOP.com
Played 176 times since 05.25.10
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2.83 Stars, 6 Votes

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this is gay
#3 by Joeysbabygirl69 on 01.25.11
To my point of being Happy, thIs iS Great for Addictive roaMing peoplE that satiSfies me as an Underaged Cringe dude Kicking Stunningly. write down all the capitals i put down here and then you will find out how much i feel about the game.
#2 by Orbanaught on 09.16.10
not the best game
#1 by Ryen17 on 06.02.10
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