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good game
#21 by ChrisL3119 on 02.04.13
1 ovtha coolest games evr
#20 by Firesky on 07.01.10
Nice game love it 5/5
#19 by Rex1000 on 05.13.10
#18 by Alan0777 on 01.21.10
good game i like it 5/5
#17 by Lesane on 01.15.10
sweet 4.5/5 lul
#16 by Qflames on 01.07.10
it's a great game
#15 by Ryen17 on 01.06.10
#14 by Spikeman64 on 01.04.10
i it!!!!!!!11
#13 by Ccrlee5299 on 01.03.10
It's great
#12 by Naruto_fan on 01.02.10
hard but cool 5/5
#11 by News228 on 01.02.10
last part is hard but i finished it!!!!!!
#10 by Roxer on 12.28.09
yea it is pretty addicting...and i finished the game
#9 by I_like_pie on 12.26.09
I love this game! It's really cool and it's got so many levels! It gets a bit annoying when you can't complete a level but it's addicting! I wonder if addictinggames.com has added it to their website, they certainly should because it is soooo addicting that I haven't stopped playing it!
#8 by Blackgal on 12.26.09
it winds me up a bit but its amazing
#7 by Ccrlee5299 on 12.19.09
its cool
#6 by Filcaj-rulz on 12.16.09
i love this game now i no what to do
#5 by Ccrlee5299 on 12.07.09
how do u do the 3 easy one
#4 by Ccrlee5299 on 12.06.09
finished the game
#3 by I_like_pie on 12.03.09
love ths game its awesome
#2 by Rockergirl_511 on 12.01.09
I love it! <3
#1 by I_like_pie on 11.30.09
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