Line Rider

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This is a classic Flash game that is available for the Nintendo Wii and DS. A favorite among many!

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Played 74,842 times since 06.11.08
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4.43 Stars, 124 Votes

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Favorited 55 times

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I made an epic smiley xD And PeaceOut, the glitch is If you go fast enough, you go through a line.
#99 by XpembrokeX on 07.19.11
5/5 I love this game
#98 by XpembrokeX on 07.18.11
real glitchy o.O but still kay i guess
#97 by PeaceOut on 01.05.11
the best!!
#96 by Pwndu on 11.29.10
dumbest game ever
#95 by TZone on 07.29.10
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