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Try our new version of popular puzzle game Lines free and amazing casual game developed just for you! We took the old concept of the game and added some great fresh ideas! Easy rules, addictive game play, pretty colors and music that's what you need!

Swap the tokes to make the line of three or more of the same color and form. The line can be collected diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Play it easy Yes we know, what you're looking for!

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Submitted by Yuliya
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Played 135 times since 04.21.09
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3.28 Stars, 18 Votes

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okay i guess
#6 by Rokzie_ on 10.08.09
To easy. If you're going to make a casual game I think it needs to be engaging, challenging, and a little different than the rest.
#5 by Daytr8dr on 07.26.09
its not a game at all its watching little shapes fly around. (:-|
#4 by Fabulous654 on 05.04.09
Way easy
#3 by Miril181 on 05.02.09
pretty good
#2 by Jeruna on 05.01.09
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