Little Furry Things World

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The red little furry things babies are a mischievous lot. Theyve gone exploring, now they cant find their way home. Find and save all 5 little furry babies by bouncing from platform to platform and then get to the exit within the time limit, on each of the 16 levels.

Use Left and Right arrow keys, or A and D to accelerate left and right.
Hit springs for extra lift.

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Submitted by Motionmonkey
Sponsored by The Motion Monkey
Played 80 times since 05.13.10
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2.83 Stars, 18 Votes

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This game is okay. The characters and sound effects are weird and can get annoying quickly. Other than that, it's just okay.
#9 by Woohoo_Wow on 12.14.11
#8 by Acidtears- on 02.19.11
really really weird...
#7 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
hey people
#6 by Makyala on 08.05.10
this game is lame
#5 by Gymnasticsgirl12 on 06.13.10
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