Loco Roco 2

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Get ready for a taste of the bright and bouncy LocoRoco 2 adventure. Help the LocoRoco bring the musical machines back to life in this exclusive six level minigame

Left, right arrow to move, both together to jump.

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Submitted by KerbGames
Sponsored by KerbGames.com
Played 170 times since 02.26.09
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3.00 Stars, 19 Votes

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really hard
#15 by Ccrlee5299 on 12.24.09
fun, but hard...geez
#14 by Tamini on 08.16.09
not good. The music is giving me a headache, not to mention the rotating of the screen. >.<
#13 by Iyonn on 07.30.09
not that good
#12 by HP2004 on 07.21.09
this is in the ps3
#11 by TheSentinel01 on 04.12.09
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