Madness Combat 2 Redeemer

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Madness Interactive - the movie..

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Played 7,238 times since 10.16.05
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4.08 Stars, 12 Votes

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nice and violent, thats how i like it
#5 by Leolara on 08.20.11
hmmmm thats weird the guy that got shoot by jesus could have dodged taht
#4 by Pyro-3 on 01.22.09
#3 by I_like_pie on 01.03.09
Wow again this is awesome 5/5
#2 by El-NeNe on 01.03.09
This is awesome yet again. But as u notice thru the series they start 2 get more and more serious about the fights
#1 by Drovoxx on 03.10.08
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