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Mario Cart 3D welcomes back Mario to the race track in this fun flash racing game for you to play. In the Mario Cart 3D video game you need to try and help Super Mario to race is car on the 3D tracks and try to beat all of his friends. Oh aren't driving a race car either. In the Mario Kart 3D flash racing game you will be in control of a 3D shopping cart which is a lot harder to steer than a normal race car. Keep your eyes open for obstacles in the Mario Cart 3D racing game. You will need to watch out for bananas that are scattered along the race track. If you hit one of them it will slow you down or make your Mario Cart spin out. Race over the mushrooms that are on the track to give Mario an extra boost of speed while you race. Good luck and see if you can win the Mario Cart 3D racing game.

Up   Accelerate
Left/Right   Steer
Down   Brake

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