Mario Forever Flash

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Mario Forever Flash is a colorful platformer game placed in the Mario universe. Evil King Bowser Koopa captured Princess Toadstool once again and it is your, Mario, duty to beat him and save Princess once and for all.

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Played 458 times since 02.08.09
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4.02 Stars, 44 Votes

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i love this game
#25 by Timx14 on 08.30.11
when mario crouches it looks like his having crap
#24 by Hayden234 on 01.15.11
mario is ok but it can be very hard
#23 by Bluefire2 on 09.10.10
this game is so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
#22 by RockerGirl on 06.07.10
awesome game
#21 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
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