Mario Memory

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Mario themed memory match game.

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Played 3,787,309 times since 11.02.05
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4.09 Stars, 137 Votes

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Its a not bad game
#66 by Scaper111 on 12.31.11
gud game sorta but not soooo funnnnnnnnnnnnn>2
#65 by Aniya on 04.02.11
Good game. sorta confusing since they have the sme characters, but with different faces >.< nice though. 3/5
#64 by LounaRedHed on 01.01.11
Good Game.
#63 by Death_6501 on 09.12.10
pretty cool game; not near as good as Rapid Roll on the Nokia cell phones. my high on that is 4559 . anyone got a higher score on that? Cheers! Howler
#62 by Howler777 on 05.30.10

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