Mario Poker

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Super Mario themed video poker game, featuring the cast of characters on the cards.

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Played 113,389 times since 10.12.05
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4.02 Stars, 85 Votes

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verry cool game
#48 by Ss4shadowking on 01.23.12
An ok game with a cheat this game gets 3 of 5 stars from me. ( 2 others decreased from non-action )
#47 by XpembrokeX on 07.11.11
#46 by Mao777 on 10.13.09
mario based poker the game is awesome the cheat is awesome and also the best part u dont really lose anything but u accually can win something wat is it u ask its joyfullness so unless u hate the world then well THIS GAME ROCKS AND ALL THOSE GIRLS IM TAKEN HERE'S MY EMAIL MEGAMANFAN1001 [at] LIVE.COM
#45 by Jason101 on 10.01.09
There is a cheat click on the credit(the one that shows how much $ you have) hilight and delete now enter how much money you want 2 have I hope this helps you!
#44 by Evethefox12 on 08.02.09
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