Super Mario Rampage

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Play as Super Mario with your loaded rifle and get revenge on old enemies. The goal is to shoot as many as you can without getting touched by the enemy.

←→   Walk Left and Right
↑↓   Aim Up and Down
SPACE   Shoot Gun

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Played 121,071 times since 07.09.05
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4.45 Stars, 101 Votes

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mario is kickin some major ass now!!!!
#79 by Fabian97 on 12.01.12
#78 by Ss4shadowking on 01.12.12
Mario has joined Alkida?
#77 by Firesky on 10.08.11
its ok theres better games out there ok graphics nice game play didnt see any laggs 3 out of 5
#76 by Dungeonwarrior on 07.21.10
Beatles 4 eveh
#75 by Firesky on 07.03.10
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