Massive Space Tower Defense

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Massive tower defense game! Protect your planet from hundred and thousand of creeps by building turrets. 4 game modes to choose from, each with their own leaderboard!

B: Build, U: Upgrade, S: Sell, Space: Next wave

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Submitted by Veewen
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Played 2,299 times since 04.30.08
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3.43 Stars, 23 Votes

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This is kinda cool..I think they're trying to copy monkey ballons defence tower
#15 by Sportrabbit on 06.14.08
pretty good hint (When fully upgraded the frozer is the best in range, fire ratio, and damage plus it slows them down)
#14 by Warriorprince29 on 05.31.08
real bad
#13 by Irfan on 05.31.08
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr another bad game this is pitiful
#12 by El-NeNe on 05.30.08
not bad
#11 by SerbianViper on 05.30.08
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