Matrix Bullet Time Fighting

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Matrix slow motion fighting.

←→   Move Left and Right
   Jump Up
M   Slow Motion
SPACE   Ultra Slow Motion

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Sponsored by Dennis_Gid
Played 461,087 times since 10.16.05
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Game Rating
4.47 Stars, 142 Votes

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To Hard is well and don't know what player i am. Too many controls to muck up with.
#81 by Muttbum on 01.21.14
its quite cool but blended w/ crap
#80 by PhilipAdorna_25 on 06.04.12
eh ok
#79 by Jaydax45 on 10.22.11
the best game ever
#78 by Scorpion12 on 09.06.11
This is a good 2D streetfighter like game it gets repetetive after a while but it is a good game that should be given a try better to play with a friend then the NPC. 3/5
#77 by TheGuardian on 10.01.09
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