Matrix Bullet Time Fighting

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To Hard is well and don't know what player i am. Too many controls to muck up with.
#81 by Muttbum on 01.21.14
its quite cool but blended w/ crap
#80 by PhilipAdorna_25 on 06.04.12
its quite good
#79 by Lawrence264Skuxx on 10.31.11
eh ok
#78 by Jaydax45 on 10.22.11
the best game ever
#77 by Scorpion12 on 09.06.11
This is a good 2D streetfighter like game it gets repetetive after a while but it is a good game that should be given a try better to play with a friend then the NPC. 3/5
#76 by TheGuardian on 10.01.09
nice but if its not stick its can better 4/5
#75 by Ash_ash on 09.04.09
matrix is preety koo reminds me when i would doge stuff and do a risky move
#74 by OfficalJEFFHARDY on 08.29.09
awesome game !
#73 by Geniusneutron on 08.14.09
#72 by Wadevsjames on 08.12.09
this game is good 4/5
#71 by Nate123 on 07.28.09
This games really fun come to think of it especially The super-slow motion
#70 by Matrixman23 on 07.24.09
its ok
#69 by Galion on 06.25.09
#68 by AZNABLE123 on 06.19.09
screw dis
#67 by PLAYAnigaz on 06.17.09
D nice game
#66 by Joshua_paraiso on 06.13.09
awsome this iz good
#65 by 342stanly on 05.31.09
its cool
#64 by 342stanly on 05.30.09
how do you shoot
#63 by Darkblade64 on 05.23.09
#62 by Darkblade64 on 05.22.09
AAHHH its ok
#61 by Silverpuppy on 05.14.09
#60 by PLAYAnigaz on 04.08.09
The best games i'v played !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
#59 by Nadir on 04.06.09
awesome game
#58 by Geniusneutron on 03.28.09
#57 by Cfactor98 on 03.26.09
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