Matrix Pandemonium

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Jump up and down floors of buildings facing off with evil agents, ghostly twins and vicious octo bots. Use everything you can to defeat them from swords, guns to launchers even furniture or the agents themselves! With his new found mysterious pulse attack, it's time to get serious, it's time for pandemonium!

ARROWS   Move Around
A   Attack
S   Pickup
A+S   Pulse

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Played 265,508 times since 04.18.08
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Game Rating
4.45 Stars, 291 Votes

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1st! Bye-bye Mr. Agkun23! See you soon on Survival Mode!
#201 by GameX on 12.20.12
its intersting
#200 by ShineStar on 05.24.12
no puedo jugarlo T_T se para rayando el juego
#199 by Mole on 04.26.12
I wish people will start playing it again, I am the only one at the top of the score chart (
#198 by JoeSebApple on 01.20.12
i love this game
#197 by Marionmaya on 12.22.11

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