Meet People in Traffic

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chek out write a note that's just rong
#58 by Lolloler123 on 05.30.12
Oh wow this game was kinda boring.
#57 by FamousBaybe on 02.18.11
Lol i win XD
#56 by Princesspunk on 02.12.10
#55 by Beuwulf-90 on 02.11.10
Why do you have to make her come into your car??
#54 by Rosely on 01.31.10
this game is.... DISGUSTING lol jokes it's a bit fun
#53 by Rosely on 01.30.10
all you have to do to win in click on the last 1 i did but she wasnt wearing a bra when she got in my car
#52 by Princesshottie on 12.17.09
i wonder wat happpens if u win.....
#51 by Alan0777 on 10.29.09
i got shot
#50 by Soccerchick101 on 10.06.09
lov it i think
#49 by Victoria13 on 10.03.09
nice game it's really cool though
#48 by Ice- on 09.26.09
The things that woman does to you if you do something wrong is weird. If you shout "You have beautiful eyes" she shoots you!
#47 by Blackgal on 09.12.09
#46 by Shana14 on 08.29.09
#45 by Rashaunda_S on 08.20.09
very stupid.
#44 by Iyonn on 08.19.09
thx for copying me
#43 by Smartgirl1012 on 08.05.09
#42 by Smartgirl1012 on 08.01.09
wtf is this all about? major waste of time
#41 by Tigeriss-kat on 07.31.09
waste of TIME
#40 by HP2004 on 07.14.09
#39 by Sand on 07.10.09
i justed wasted a precious 30 seconds of my life great......
#38 by Edwardluvr97 on 07.01.09
This is the WORST advertisement EVER!
#37 by Alexonim on 07.01.09
is boring
#36 by Briann1234 on 06.24.09
#35 by Loganxhall on 06.24.09
stupid game
#34 by Punkerzemo on 06.15.09
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