Miss Maggie

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Miss Maggie is a dress up / make up game in a 50s atmosphere. Choose clothing from three different scenes, select make up and hair style, and print your results.

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Submitted by Iamthestory
Sponsored by iamthestory.net
Played 477 times since 03.08.09
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3.31 Stars, 35 Votes

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i got it to work just fine
#30 by Cookyrose23 on 11.24.12
urgg 3 years since i played this and it still dont work
#29 by LEAH on 01.07.12
Hate it
#28 by Bloom-144 on 09.06.11
it doesnt work DONT PLAY COS U CANT
#27 by Leolara on 08.12.11
fu..ck what is rong with this mouther fu..cker thing
#26 by Hibye on 06.28.10
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