Modern Tactics

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Build a company of soldiers and fight against other soldiers.

*Game tips*
q/e rotate the map
0-9 select units
Hiding behind walls and kneeling/prone increases your evasion to gun fire.

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Submitted by Archbob
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Played 22,774 times since 02.16.08
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4.07 Stars, 123 Votes

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They took Multiplayer down, i think. If you wanna play Multiplayer then you gotta play it on the official site.
#106 by NightAssassin82 on 08.09.11
i cant play multiplayer doent let me
#105 by AbramsMk1Tank on 01.02.10
yeh too long sort of good
#104 by Curtisredboy on 10.25.09
#103 by Gta23 on 10.12.09
I say the Game Is Good But There Is Some Stuff That can Be Edited
#102 by Oakwoods on 09.26.09
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