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You are Rocco, the hot dog vendor who ran out of ketchup, and when he orders more, he gets a special kind that turns people into zombies! Now you must defend your hot dog cart and destroy the zombies with a ton of unlockable weapons. - You can adjust all Keys and Blood effects in options. Achievements: 1. Fully Armed - unlock all weapon 2. Mega Slash - Kill 5 zombies with melle combo level 4 3. Home Run - Kill 50 Zombies in a row with bat 4. Jurassic - Kill 100 zombies in a row with bone 5. Samurai - Kill 200 zombies in a row with katana 6. Jedi - Kill 300 zombies in a row with lightsaber 7. Hitman - Kill 50 zombies in a row with Desert Eagle 8. Hunter - Kill 50 zombies in a row with Winchester 9. Massacre - Kill 100 zombies in a row with Chainsaw 10. Pyromania - Kill 150 zombies in a row with Flamethrower 11. Terminator - Kill 200 zombies in a row with Minigun 12. Disintegrate - Kill 10 zombies with one shot of AITSO Canon 13. Demolition - Kill 10 zombies with one detonation of C4 14. Headache - Kill 10 zombies with one shot of Cranium V2 15. Bloody Circus - Kill 1000 zombie clowns 16. Glacier - Freeze 5000 zombies 17. More Bullets - Get 100,000 kills in Firearm kills counter 18. Infinite Ammo - Kill 1,000,000 zombies to unlock this feature

Movement: WASD keys.
Right Attack: L
Left Attack: K

If a zombie bits you press left and right keys quickly to push the zombie away.

Melee Weapon: 1
Weapon 1: 2
Weapon 2: 3
Weapon 3: 4
Weapon 4: 5
Switch Weapon: Space
Pause Game: P

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Played 423 times since 08.25.09
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this is a good game
#24 by Benb3ast on 06.22.10
nice killing zombies
#23 by Masteralex on 06.03.10
this game asome
#22 by Killforskulls on 02.09.10
like 5/5 stars
#21 by Qflames on 01.21.10
#20 by HSPIN on 12.30.09
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