Mortal Kombat Karnage

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Mortal Kombat remake in flash. Finish him!

Arrow Keys   Move
A   Punch
D   Kick
S   Block

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 601 times since 06.25.11
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Game Rating
4.53 Stars, 17 Votes

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No fatalities, no boss, nothing but the singler player mode works, and, you don't even get any of the charecters for winning the game. Serious rip off and way to easy.
#27 by Rin_Kagamine on 01.01.13
very good
#26 by Blamonkey on 04.21.12
Dont know no any finishers. Doesnt give you any combos,and i don't get to fight the boss.
#25 by J_Money on 02.10.12
Top 3: Sub-Zero, Kabal, and Nightwolf.
#24 by Achilleswashere on 12.27.11
i won arcade easy whit kabal
#23 by Jean_juk on 12.21.11
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