Mr Ray and the Missing Colours

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Roy G Biv has lost all of his colours. Its up to Mr Ray and Kalien to visit all the planets and retrieve the colours for Roy. A great click and play game for kids

Using your mouse, click on the action from the bottom of the screen that you would like to perform and then the spot where you would like to perform it.

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Submitted by Matmi
Sponsored by Matmi
Played 282 times since 09.19.08
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3.32 Stars, 34 Votes

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this game is very weird!!!
#19 by Ggpengwen on 07.01.09
weird!! 2/5
#18 by Nunyabizz on 06.12.09
Planet yellow is soo easy!!
#17 by Sportrabbit on 03.07.09
meekymillz ur gay and i beat the game andif the game3 is complex and u cant beat planet yellow ur pretty dumb
#16 by Brujita-PR on 03.01.09
how do you do planet yellow
#15 by Princesstrisha on 01.29.09
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