Multiplayer Battleship

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The classic battleship game. This game is NOT owned by Gamebrew, any complaints have to be sent to the creator.

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Submitted by Castik
Sponsored by Onlypoints
Played 303,753 times since 10.31.06
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Game Rating
4.19 Stars, 222 Votes

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Favorited 86 times

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on my computer when i tried to download the game it didnt work
#345 by Superlouie on 12.22.12
#344 by Warstar on 09.03.12
Well, Its been a while but I guess its Kaolla reporting in lol.
#343 by Kaolla on 09.01.11
JAYYSHAWN, hope u read this someday im trisha's friend she said she misses you and if you ever read this she wants you to com on this chat link around 7:30 so she could talk to you
#342 by _crystal_ on 06.04.11
Onamaru Bankei reporting once more, its so unforunate that everyone has abandoned this place...
#341 by Onamaru-Bankei on 11.30.10
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