Multiplayer Blackjack

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Play multiplayer blackjack with other players to take down the house. You can chat with the other players at the same table and see other peoples avatars.

Play the game of casino blackjack double down split bet thousands of chips and win big money. Make your bet and click on the "Deal" button. Then the dealer gives 2 cards to you and 1 card to him. The extra cards are dealt by clicking on the "Hit" button. Try to get points as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding 21.

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Submitted by Castik
Sponsored by onlypoints net
Played 831 times since 09.08.08
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3.82 Stars, 22 Votes

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The games great but hard to play the dealer
#10 by Mrtonight on 07.08.09
it's a good game but it's tough to beat the dealer
#9 by Cyclops13 on 04.17.09
I Rule at poker and balckjack but this game doesn't do good shuffles no JOKE!
#8 by BlueDrgn on 01.21.09
pure chance
#7 by Pg797 on 11.18.08
ok dos not stink though
#6 by Darthvaderr on 11.11.08
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