Multiplayer Trouble

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Play multiplayer Trouble against other players in real time. Join a room of 2,3 or 4 players and roll the dice. You need to roll a 6 to leave the castle. The goal of the game is to bring all 4 pwans inside the safe places in the center of the board.

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Submitted by Castik
Sponsored by onlypoints net
Played 54,172 times since 06.24.07
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3.63 Stars, 71 Votes

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this is boring!
#41 by Becka on 05.08.10
i dont get the point u cant even play
#40 by Princesshottie on 11.25.09
its a chat room if thats what i wanted i would go to chat live
#39 by News228 on 10.17.09
i hate this >:-(
#38 by Ruerue244 on 08.28.09
#37 by Manley987 on 07.05.09
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