My Little Army

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Form an army and take down your enemies in your quest to gather all the myth balls.

Fight battles and defeat enemy units to attack their leader. Your army can be customized on the “formation” page by mixing each unit’s 3 attributes: class, character, and weapon. Class determines the unit’s role on the battlefield. Different classes also use unique weapon types.

Use YOUR MOUSE to select and build units. Press LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS scroll the battlefield. Good luck!

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 109 times since 04.28.11
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It's a good game
#4 by Dziber on 12.12.11
its a nice game
#3 by HP2004 on 05.28.11
5/5 awesome game!
#2 by PhilipAdorna_25 on 05.27.11
It's an alright game!
#1 by Ozzy17 on 05.20.11
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