My New Room

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Decorate your room with items you like best. Pick colors for your furniture and wallpaper and don't forget to pick a pet!

- Click with the mouse on the catalogue on the right to pick your items.
- Give your items and walls your favorite color with the Brush and Wallpaper buttons.
- Click the buttons at the bottom to rotate furniture, delete items or to print your room.

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Submitted by Agame
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Played 161,400 times since 04.14.08
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4.12 Stars, 165 Votes

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Hey guys u should see my epic room.disco walls, and checkered floors. everything different colors is well.
#159 by Muttbum on 01.29.14
OMG> Is such a good game.
#158 by Muttbum on 01.28.14
100000000 stars
#157 by Bloom-144 on 09.16.11
I love it LOL.
#156 by Bloom-144 on 09.06.11
this is cool
#155 by Leolara on 08.13.11
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