My Sweet 16

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Discover your secret admirer!

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Played 123,068 times since 05.01.07
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1st time i got the captain of the football team and the 2nd time i got the cute surfer guy. eww, to both
#118 by Cookyrose23 on 12.02.12
its a pretty gud game, great actually and i got the captain of the football team! they should update this game to the fashion and styles now, and they should also fix up the graphics, and then it will b one of the best dress up games i've ever playd.
#117 by Leolara on 10.17.11
I got the wicked s8er punk
#116 by Darlingurl on 08.10.10
Captain of football just like real life
#115 by Candieismyname on 07.09.10
mee got captin of da football team and i had on roller skates
#114 by 12tscbow on 07.08.10
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