Mystic Worlds

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Discover the differences mystic worlds hold. Explore the darkness and hidden places revealed by these doubled pictures and have fun while spotting the differences. Look for differences in shades, in details or just in front of you. They can be found in least expected places, at times. Be sure you search in the wooden holes, in the trees' branches or the clouds in the sky. Also, make sure you spot the differences before your time runs out. The quicker you are, the more points you will get, and closer you will be to becoming the conquerer of these mystic worlds.

Click all 5 differences to pass to the next level

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Submitted by Cartitans
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Played 76 times since 09.29.09
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awesome game
#3 by Ryen17 on 01.06.10
#2 by Miril181 on 10.05.09
Remeber the games in the newspaper on Sunday where there are two identical pictures with minor differences and you have to find them all. Well this is the same concept with a scoring system and time system. 3/5
#1 by TheGuardian on 10.05.09
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