N Ninja

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I love this game
#44 by Luhn_jessica on 07.01.09
it sucks
#43 by PLAYAnigaz on 04.26.09
i like ninja,s
#42 by WILDHOGG on 12.30.08
this game is is awsome!!!!!!
#41 by ChiefZaroc on 11.13.08
good GAME!! 5!
#40 by Spinsir on 11.06.08
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn man fun
#39 by Zedner on 10.17.08
#38 by Wonkabar8741 on 09.28.08
#37 by Basketballer123 on 09.03.08
fun. fun fun fun fun fun! (but hard!) 5/5!
#36 by Cheatman on 08.11.08
this is AWSOME
#35 by Masusenok on 08.11.08
#34 by Roxy00 on 08.05.08
the game is harder then it likes
#33 by Quashon on 07.18.08
this game is the best game ever sen
#32 by Hand-some on 07.10.08
#31 by Terranmarine26 on 07.09.08
great game
#30 by LOU08 on 07.09.08
#29 by Omar98 on 07.06.08
damit i fell lol-5star
#28 by Latinking on 07.05.08
he fell, awwwwww.... lol good game
#27 by OneBoi on 06.29.08
DON"T FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol cool game....
#26 by OneBoi on 06.27.08
hehehe its pretty fun. but hard, HEHEHEHHEH NINJA GO BYE BYE!
#25 by Viper_752 on 06.27.08
i love it...only problem i have is jump should be space or something else besides shift...because i keep getting the sticky keys window
#24 by Ghgod1 on 06.16.08
it stinks i dont know what u ppl see in it???
#23 by 13ravin13 on 06.14.08
this like n game but a lit bit off
#22 by Wright402 on 06.13.08
sweet game
#21 by Blitzrock on 06.12.08
i love this game it is awesome
#20 by Shadowwolf on 06.09.08
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