Nanaca Crash

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1979.70m is my best score!
#131 by TurboAP on 11.14.12
Dude! This game has its own wikipedia page! 0.O
#130 by TurboAP on 11.05.12
604.21!! lololol
#129 by Legobatboy on 06.18.12
funn lol
#128 by Leolara on 11.12.11
Game is fun, but weird, xD.
#127 by _Mike_ on 09.08.11
#126 by Killbane12 on 05.03.11
lol thatz cauz chur cra-c... o.O
#125 by PeaceOut on 01.01.11
fun !! lol violent .. o.o but fun .
#124 by LounaRedHed on 01.01.11
not bad
#123 by PeaceOut on 12.15.10
MY GOD no 1 has beaten my score yet lawlz i rulz!!!!!!!
#122 by Assasn3 on 11.22.10
Lol xD
#121 by Naruto_fan on 08.15.10
lol hilarious! Teh japanease know how 2 havbe a gud time!
#120 by PaneldeStar on 04.28.10
Wow 4229.71m!
#119 by Mariomario887 on 03.14.10
lol nice game haha
#118 by Jenjen12 on 02.18.10
Mine Was Again 7177.24M!
#117 by Mariomario887 on 02.05.10
Mine Was 2534.54m
#116 by Mariomario887 on 01.15.10
OH! I'm Last Place Mine Was 1222.02m
#115 by Mariomario887 on 01.13.10
lol imma biginner and i got 11270.02m cuz i gots lots of specialz
#114 by Assasn3 on 12.19.09
#113 by GoldenAngel on 11.20.09
this game is sick i just got 6729.30 m and i when 391m in the air
#112 by Dillpickle8 on 10.23.09
this is awesome i got only 3130.15m but not bad i'm just beginner!!!!!!!!
#111 by Mhine11 on 10.09.09
wow beet up 22780,56m
#110 by Amnd on 05.10.09
haa beet up 11180,28m i love this game^^
#109 by Bananaman1023 on 03.21.09
I am not the best at this game, but i did get a purdy high score its a 2540.16 its okay
#108 by Ginny on 03.05.09
thats awesome
#107 by Xxharlyxx1 on 02.28.09
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