Naruto: Battle for Leaf Village

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Use Naruto's ninja tools and chakra attacks to fight off an army of Sound and Sand ninja.

ARROWS   Move Around
SPACE   Attack
X   Weapon

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Played 2,592 times since 04.30.09
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4.38 Stars, 66 Votes

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this game is awesome
#44 by 21anime on 12.19.10
sop cool
#43 by Joshuatait1 on 08.06.10
Its nice 4/5
#42 by Ash_ash on 07.22.10
dragonball is only stronger than naruto, but naaruto's story is waay better than DBZs
#41 by Eldde on 07.07.10
llove it one of my favorite cartoons
#40 by Waddywoe on 12.30.09
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