Ninja Hunter 2

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The most awesome typing game ever!

In Ninja Hunter it's up to you to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas! The only qualification: can you spell 'Ninja'? We sure hope so, because spelling correctly and quickly is the only way to stave off this martial arts onslaught

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the enemies' names are kinda weird
#39 by Zoom-X on 01.08.11
i will do it to the way of ninja!! hehhe
#38 by Yndlnavarra on 03.27.09
Great chalange I give it a 5/5
#37 by Uchiha322 on 02.27.09
#36 by Muffinscrap on 01.23.09
umm...i give it 4/5..bcoz it is a really good game..the guy doesnt move because u dont actually fight with the sword..u fight by typing the names of your enemies who are running towards you
#35 by I_like_pie on 12.08.08
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