Ninja Hunter 2

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the enemies' names are kinda weird
#37 by Zoom-X on 01.08.11
i will do it to the way of ninja!! hehhe
#36 by Yndlnavarra on 03.27.09
Great chalange I give it a 5/5
#35 by Uchiha322 on 02.27.09
#34 by Muffinscrap on 01.23.09
umm...i give it 4/5..bcoz it is a really good game..the guy doesnt move because u dont actually fight with the sword..u fight by typing the names of your enemies who are running towards you
#33 by I_like_pie on 12.08.08
this game sucked
#32 by Sgtdeath on 11.19.08
i freaken hate this game. the guy cant move.
#31 by Bleach98 on 11.16.08
the guy wont move so dumb
#30 by Emu459 on 10.11.08
thers something is wrong my guy wont move
#29 by Dillpickle8 on 10.03.08
i only got to the second level
#28 by Dsmacks on 10.01.08
#27 by Nath-O on 09.10.08
damn not workin
#26 by Zomarock on 08.18.08
nice gaaaaame
#25 by Kgin on 08.15.08
iz ok:P
#24 by Cashadvance on 08.15.08
pretty cool
#23 by Masusenok on 08.11.08
it is really fun but hard to
#22 by Lasseborup on 08.05.08
your is crazy
#21 by Kaique on 08.01.08
it is kind of a good game to learn how to type fast it is about knowing your computer so you have be really good at typeing my brother learned to type faster beacuse i told him to try out this game so if u have any siblings you should make them try this game
#20 by KrazyKhmaii on 07.23.08
its really fun, and funny, becuz of the words u need to spell
#19 by Viper_752 on 07.09.08
#18 by Anubis666 on 07.09.08
#17 by Latinking on 07.04.08
it sucks like hell i want to kill my self
#16 by Jayjay78 on 06.30.08
nO cOmMeNt
#15 by Sexy_Mychal on 06.26.08
same as before
#14 by Drovoxx on 06.23.08
Wow if i can give this game a zero i will give the game a zero
#13 by El-NeNe on 06.22.08
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