Nobuzzle Tree

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A simple puzzle game where players guess the sequences of the leaves and watch the tree blooms.

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Played 2,849 times since 01.02.08
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3.20 Stars, 15 Votes

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its fun
#8 by Basketballer123 on 07.24.08
Avarage 3/5
#7 by El-NeNe on 07.09.08
Wow, man this, this is just horrifying. I love a good puzzle game every once in a while but this is not one of them. You have to guess the sequence, theres not a pattern or anything, you just guess which makes it a guessing game not a puzzle.
#6 by Tcreavis on 07.06.08
this sucks
#5 by Hattrik55 on 07.05.08
What's this?
#4 by Sportrabbit on 07.04.08
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