Octopus Show

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Hit the ball to the target by moving your mouse.

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Played 46,965 times since 08.06.06
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3.20 Stars, 81 Votes

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I forget. But i got a good score twice! And it didn't submit. Silly (stupid) game.
#51 by PatnKat on 02.02.11
doez it say chu hav been banned for cheatin in red under the game box thingy? o,O
#50 by PeaceOut on 02.02.11
It isn't submitting my score..
#49 by PatnKat on 02.02.11
i dont even get how to play this game o.O but i still pwn awesome
#48 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
#47 by Anubis666 on 06.14.10
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