Office Slacking 3

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Sarah has found a new job after being fired for time-wasting! But she hasn't changed her lazy ways! Help her complete all the activities within 3 minutes, but make sure not to get caught by the nasty boss.

Use your mouse and keyboard to complete the activities. If the boss comes to check on you simply click the X to get back to work.

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Submitted by Gg123
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Played 112 times since 07.21.10
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4.42 Stars, 12 Votes

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#12 by Silvergirl13 on 06.30.13
6500. awsome, DARIEL you say it is lame becuse its is for girls.
#11 by Mirah12 on 06.14.11
#10 by Darlingurl on 10.28.10
cool game i like it even though i keep loseing it
#9 by Stia14 on 09.22.10
lol it x
#8 by Ccrlee5299 on 09.12.10
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