One Armed Bandit

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Pull the lever and try your luck with the 'One Armed Bandit' (at least this one won't take your money).

Click on the slot lever.

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Submitted by Xtreme
Sponsored by Xtreme Cartoon Co.
Played 32,799 times since 04.25.07
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Game Rating
3.13 Stars, 60 Votes

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Slots but sucky
#33 by Coolman10074 on 04.25.11
the game requires no skill of any sort, it <big> <b> SUCKS </b> </big>
#32 by TZone on 09.18.10
Okay, yes its hard to plus its not nice to get offended as a loser all the time, which btw IS!NOT!TRUE!
#31 by 3nity on 10.02.09
the game is sooooo hard to win at. ihate it
#30 by Killerbean on 08.21.09
kool i love it
#29 by _-cammie-_ on 06.28.09
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